Your Biggest Blogging Mistake

There’s one thing you might be doing with your blog posts and it’s a huge mistake! Don’t worry, it’s fairly easy to fix once you realize you’re doing it.


You want to know the mistake?


Your posts are too salesy.


Yes, that’s the big mistake! Consumers can read right through your sales-focused content. Salesy copy is boring and you’ll quickly lose potential customers!

Read over a few blog or social posts. What do they talk about? Are you pushing a product or service or do they provide value? There’s a lot of content being published on the Internet every single day! Set yourself apart from the salesy content and attract readers.


3 Tips to Help Fix Your Mistake


1. Always Have a Goal with Every Blog Post

Don’t just blog for blog's sake. Or just throw a product description on a page and publish it. Think about what you want your content to do.

Perhaps you do want it to lead to a sale. Then write copy that’s easy to read and valuable. Think about how your product or services brings value to the reader and focus on that.


2. Be Mindful of Your Medium

Think about how your audience is going to read this copy. There’s a likely chance your audience is reading your content on a mobile device! According to some studies, more than 80% of Internet users are on a mobile device.

For your blog posts, write shorter paragraphs with around 4-8 sentences. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read on a mobile device.


3. Ditch the Sales Pitch

Re-read some of your blog posts. Be honest with yourself, are they salesy? Does your blog post provide any value other than talk about your product? There are better strategies!


Write About the Following:

  • Customer success stories

  • Something about you or your company that’s unique

  • Does your company give back to the community in any way

  • How can your product or service help

  • Can you provide any tips or ideas related to your product or service


Create Valuable Content + Watch Your Audience Grow

Now that you know what mistake you’re making you can fix it! It does take some time and effort to stop writing salesy posts. However, after you start creating valuable content, you’ll watch your readership and customer base grow!


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