Why I Ditched Twitter

In 2014, I was contacted by a company called BuzzSumo through a Twitter message. At the time I was a content marketer for a digital marketing agency in Appleton. A person from a new tool called BuzzSumo sent a simple message asking if I wanted to contribute to a blog he was writing about Twitter. After exchanging a few messages, he explained he was looking for Twitter influencers and thought I could share some good thoughts on why brands should use Twitter.

How cool! Of course, I said sure.

At the time, I loved Twitter and used it daily. I was a frequent Tweeter and loved scrolling through looking at Tweets from friends, news, and articles.

I contribute to the article! You can read the article called “Which Social Network Should I Target? Pt 1 – Twitter“ here on the BuzzSumo blog. It’s still a great post and has relevant information for businesses and organizations to use today.

Here’s my bit:

Claire Westlie – Optimal Digital Marketing
Twitter is huge for brand development. The social network giant connects you to your customers and fans in real time. Not only does it connect your business to people, but Twitter has become a major hub for news. Following related businesses and people on Twitter can help you stay on top of your industry’s news.
With that said, use Twitter to drive industry news from your business’ Twitter feed. Do this by making sure your Twitter is full of fresh information. At least 2-3 times a day, Tweet blog posts, updates, new products, tips, and photos. Make sure you optimize every Tweet by using relevant hashtags!
What’s a common mistake you see?
A common mistake businesses make on Twitter is not interacting. If a fellow Tweeter gives you some love on Twitter, make sure you give it right back! Throughout the day, spend a couple minutes here or there retweeting, favoriting, and replying. Twitter gives you a great opportunity to develop and grow your brand.
Which brands do a good job on Twitter?

Airfarewatchdog does a great job of utilizing Twitter. Every hour they post a travel deal, blog post, travel tip, or travel update and they do a good job of responding to Tweets.

(I still stand by this quote!)

After BuzzSumo reached out to me, I started using their tool for my job. BuzzSumo finds trending content and influencers from across the Internet. It also has in-depth reporting with best times to post certain content and which social channels are best to publish on. I still use it often!


Why Did I Delete Twitter?


Anyway, about a year ago, I realized I was wasting too much time on social media. I decided I needed to cut back on my social profiles. I had Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. I don’t even want to think about the time I spent flipping through all those profiles! I’m still working on my social media habits. I cut myself off from my smartphone an hour or two before bed so help my sleep - which has much improved.  

I finally decided to delete Google+ (no brainer), Twitter, and Pinterest. I wasted a lot of time on Pinterest scrolling through Pins about crafts, recipes, workouts, cats, etc for hours. Twitter, as I mentioned above, was a great time waster. I’d scroll through Tweets and go down what I’d call Twitter Rabbitholes. I tried to just ignore those social profiles, but I had no self-control.

So yes, a seemingly Twitter Pro decided to ditch the social profile that helped land a spot on a cool guest article for an awesome content marketing tool. When I deleted Twitter and Pinterest, I did think about other potential opportunities that I might miss. Could another person or company contact me through Twitter? Would I find some really cool craft or recipe on Pinterest that I’d miss out on? I finally got a surge of bravery and I just deleted both social profiles at once.

Now it’s about a year later, and I don’t miss either social profile at all! I feel like I’ve gotten amazing opportunities through real life networking and LinkedIn. As for crafts and recipes, I’m still finding great recipes through friend recommendations and feel happy with what crafts I’ve done. I found an odd peace cutting two social profiles.

Deleting social profiles may not be for everyone. And yes, I probably will delete another social profile (or them all?!). I’m not sure which one it will be at this moment. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and LinkedIn all have their good qualities. I like Facebook to be connected with my family and friends all over the world. Instagram for sharing photos and finding quotes. SnapChat to keep up with friends and friends to see what they’re up to. LinkedIn is great for professional networking.

I’m still working on improving my time management, but cutting down on social profiles helped quite a bit. And that’s why I said goodbye to Twitter!