Do You Post on Social Media During Your Off-season? Well, You Should.

“I don’t have to post too much during my off-season, right?” Someone recently asked me this. The answer is that’s not true! You should consistently post to your social media channels throughout the year. If your business has an off-season, then you should especially post during that time to continue building your audience and bringing valuable content. Build up to your busy season.

Consistent posting on your social channels will help build up brand awareness and help your business thrive during the off-season while preparing your audience for when your business is in season!

Many businesses might not have an off-season, but most business owners that I know are aware of slow periods during the year. Even in content and digital marketing, I’ve noticed a slow down in the middle of summer in July and August. Business owners are on vacation, covering for employees on vacation, or are experiencing a slow down themselves. I wouldn’t exactly call it an off-season but should I bother posting since I might not get a new client or sale during this time? Yes!

What to Post About During the Off-season

Here are some ideas of what to post about during the slow periods. Some of these ideas do depend on your industry.

Highlight Staff/Team Members

Use this time to take a photo and share a bio of staff or team member! Don’t have a staff? Highlight yourself!

Share Tips in Your Industry

What tips can you share surrounding your industry? Any unknown tidbits that you can post about that will boost your value?

Have a Contest on Social Media

Use this slow period to host an awesome social contest to drive engagement and increase your fans for when your busy time kicks up.

Share Your Story or History of Your Business

What is your ‘why’? Share that on social media to connect with your audience.

Statistics and Infographics from Your Industry

Folks love statistics and infographics! Are there any resources in your industry that you can pull from?

Don’t Give the Wrong Impression with No Posts!

Have you ever looked at a business’ social channel, let’s say their Facebook Page, and saw the last post was from months ago. What did you think? You probably thought the business was out of business!

Even if you’re an ice cream shop that’s only open from May-August, you should at least post once a week from September-April. Keep your page active and alive, so potential new customers know who you are and that you’re opening soon.

Consistent Posting for Consistent Growing

I will say this, if you’re not giving social media 100% then don’t expect 100% back. Like with most business strategies you will get what you put into it. If you only post now and then when you can then your social channel will grow now and then. However, consistent posting will consistently grow your audience and your sales.

It does take some planning and preparation to post throughout the year, and I get it! Set aside specific days and time to work on your social media. Give your social media 100% and get 100% back!