Don’t Lose Business by Not Telling Your Brand’s Story

Today’s consumers want to know more than what products or services you offer. They want to know why you offer what you do and how it will help them solve a problem.

The typical consumer will research multiple brands, read reviews, browse social media sites, and more before deciding to purchase. Does your brand accurately tell its story online?

Imagine you’re having back pain and are desperate for relief. You search “how to reduce back pain” into Google. The first search result “10 Tips on How to Reduce Back Pain” pops up and you click on it.

Turns out it’s a blog post from a local chiropractor. You read the blog packed with tips and plan on trying them out. You see there are lots of blogs on their website and even an active Facebook page with even more tips and photos of the staff. After your browsing, you decide to make an appointment for an adjustment. All this happened because of this chiropractor’s brand and online presence.


How can you start telling your brand’s story? Follow this quick audit and four tips to start telling your brand’s story today.


Google Your Business

First things first, when’s the last time you Googled your own business? You might be surprised at the results. Go ahead and do that now!


What do you see?

  • What ranks first?
  • What types of content does Google pull?
  • Do you see your Google My Business profile appear?
  • Is your Google My Business accurate?
  • Does your Facebook appear?

Maybe you’re happy with what you see, but maybe you see some room for improvement. We have four quick ideas below that you can implement and improve your online presence.


4 Tips to Start Telling Your Brand’s Story Online


There are a few steps you can take to start developing your brand’s story online. Some of these you can put into place today. You could implement a fully integrated content marketing strategy and truly leverage your online presence.  However, if you’re not ready to dive that deep, you can implement these four ideas.


1) Writing Helpful Blog Posts

Think about problems your products or services solve. Write them down on a piece of paper or Word doc. If you offer chiropractic services, what are some ailments you help? For example, helping patients reduce their Tech Neck. You can write a blog post with tips on how to reduce your Tech Neck. These types of blog posts are exactly what people will search on Google.


2) Highlight Staff on Social Media or Website

Start highlighting staff or volunteers on your social media or website. Bonus points if you can rewrite your about page on your website or create an our story page. Potential customers love to put faces to names and learn more about your company before they even reach out.

You’d be surprised! For lots of clients, their about page is consistently one of the most viewed pages on their website.


3) Audit Content on Website

Take a few minutes and look through your website. What type of content is on there? Does it need to be updated? Could there be tweaks or additions?

Consider adding content to key pages to highlight services or products. You could address key problems your services pages or add testimonials. The more content to highlight these pages will help potential customers find what they’re looking for.


4) Take Professional Photos

If you can, splurge on professional photos of your business and staff to add to your website and social media profiles! Find a local photographer who would be willing to spend a morning or afternoon photographing. Try to take as many photos that you can to highlight your office, staff, services, and products.


Content Marketing Strategy

Still want more ideas or are ready for a fully integrated content marketing strategy? Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to help.