Use a Content Calendar to Crush Your Content Strategy [Printable Content Calendar]

Do you like working with a visual plan? I do!  I love taking pen to paper and mapping out my to-do lists, trips, and especially content strategy!


When I’m working with clients on their content calendar I like to create a content calendar. It depends on the client and project, but I usually will write out social media posts at least two weeks out and sometimes even a month out.

The content calendar makes it easier to follow the content strategy I created with the client and to track when and what’s being posted. It does take some time and planning, but once you have your calendar for the month mapped out it’s so much easier to stick to your schedule and crush your content strategy!

Let’s walk through the process of creating a content calendar. Download my free printable calendar and do it yourself! Let me know how it works for you.


[Print the FREE Calendar]


4 Steps to Create a Content Calendar

I recommend planning out a whole month of social posts. It may seem daunting but it’s easier to plan posts and create the whole month than to have to remember to post each day.


1. Brainstorm a Topic

Come up with a list of topics or even a theme for the month. For example, let’s say you’re a dentist. This month you’re going to focus on dental hygiene.


2. Choose Frequency

Decide how many posts a week you want to commit to creating. You can even start with two a week and build momentum from there.


3. Write It Out!

Get out your printed calendar and start writing down post ideas on certain days. Here’s an example of a content calendar:


Mondays - Post a dental hygiene tip


Wednesdays - Share a post about something going on in the community


Thursdays - Post a face about why dental hygiene is important


4. Create & Schedule

Create your posts and schedule them. It’s really that easy! Once you are comfortable with this frequency feel free to add in more posts. After a few months of content, try experimenting with fun ideas like going Facebook LIVE or doing a series.


With consistent and engaging posts, watch your social media and SEO presence grow!


Posting with a Plan

Now it’s your turn! Click here to print the free calendar. Decide your topics and frequency then get out that pen (or pencil).

Fill in the dates and start planning. Once you have your month planned out dig in and create your posts. Have some fun with it and get creative. It’s so much easier posting with a plan!

Keep the calendar handy and visible. If you have a team, share the calendar with them. Encourage them to help come up with topics or help create posts.

Let us know how using the calendar goes!

Need additional help? Feel free to send an email and let’s chat!


[Print the FREE Calendar]