Don’t Let Social Media Intimidate You + Honest Social Media Advice

Let’s be honest, social media is noisy, and sometimes it feels like you’re shouting into an empty canyon. It’s such a noisy landscape and challenging to continually create fresh, sizzling content.  It’s easy to feel deflated when you don’t see leads from social media. Social media is intimidating - even to me!

I’m going to share some honest social media advice that I’ve noticed to help you feel less intimidated. My goal is for you to read this and go “OOOH!! YES!” and feel confident that you can crush your social media strategy. It doesn’t have to be this scary, ominous thing. You need to create your own social media workflow and strategy. Once you have that figured out, you’re golden!

Honest Social Media Advice

These are four pieces of honest social media advice that’s meant to give you an “Ah-ha!” moment. Don’t let social media intimidate you! Show it who’s the boss!

1. ) Don’t Put Too Much Value on Vanity Metrics

If you’re counting up likes from each post, you will feel discouraged. Have you ever posted something and thought “Yes! This will get tons of action!” then felt let down when you received only one or two likes (or none!).

Don’t feel too discouraged. Look at your Google analytics or website analytics and see how many visits to your website did that post get? How many users actually saw the post? If a post didn’t get any likes but sent ten users to your website, you’re on the right track.

2.) Someone Does Care About What You’re Offering/Saying

A few months ago, I remembered thinking “Who cares what I think?” and worried about how I was spending my time on social media for my business. I put together a plan to maximize my time online while consistently posting and driving traffic to key pages.

Shortly after that, I was at a local networking event, and a small business owner approached me and said, “Claire! I loved your post about creating a content calendar! I printed it out and used it.” I was shocked!  She never “liked” or commented on the posts itself, but found value and used my tip. After that, she booked a Discovery Call with me. Maybe there are hundreds of marketing professionals out there, but she connected with what I was saying and offering.

3.) You Don’t Have to Be on Every Platform

Now, does having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest for your business hurt? No. What does hurt is if you set all these platforms up and they just sit there empty with no recent posts. Have you ever pulled up a Facebook page for a business and saw there hadn’t been any posts in months? Years? You probably had to double check if they were still in business at all.

Don’t feel pressured to be on every single platform. Choose one or two that will serve your business well and then crush that channel! Manage one social channel well and then feel free to start adding in different channels.

4.) Remember, Social Media is Part of the Bigger Picture

Instead of thinking of your marketing strategy as a funnel, think of it as an ever-moving circle that’s constantly attracting your target customers and funneling them into a content/sales flow. Will someone see your incredible Facebook post and immediately pick up the phone and call you? Maybe! Probably not.

However, will that person see your incredible Facebook post, follow your Page. Then see you have a sweet newsletter and subscribe thus entering your funnel? YES! Now she’s in your content flow and will contact you.

As I said earlier, I hope these four pieces of advice help you have an “A-Ha!” moment with your social media strategy and dig into building your social strategy.