My Three Rules That Turn Web Traffic into Hot Leads

How many leads do you get from your website? 0? 100? If you have no idea or think it’s none, don’t freak out and keep reading. If you’re posting to social media, using email marketing, or utilizing any other marketing tactics to drive traffic but you don’t think you’re getting actual leads, then I’ve got the rules for you.

I’ve worked with clients that push out incredible content, but once users hit their website, the traffic falls off. Recently, I was looking at a client’s Google Analytics and realized a key product page had a super long time on page, but zero conversions. I had to think. Why would a user head to the page and then drop off?

In my experience, there are two major reasons a web user will visit your website and immediately bounce. Either whatever they clicked to get to your website wasn’t at all what they were expecting OR there wasn’t a clear call to action for the user to complete.

Implement these three simple rules to use on your website so you can turn that traffic into actual, hot leads.

Three Simple Rules for Turning Users into Leads

Here are the three rules that have given me and my clients' incredible results.

1. Create Content that Connects

Make sure all pages on your website connect to your audience. Write your copy like you’re speaking directly with your ideal customer. Can I look at your homepage and learn who you are and what you do within a couple of seconds?

Think about the problem you solve and who you’re helping. A user should be able to open any page on your website and read compelling content that speaks to them. If you need more help on finding your story, check out this other blog post on how to tell it.

2. Simplify the User Experience

If a user opens up your homepage, they should be able to understand your business, what you offer, and to perform the action to become a lead. Your messaging should flow through all your marketing channels so that all content communicates what problem you solve and how to buy what it is you’re selling.

Have you ever clicked on something from Facebook or Instagram and opened a page that seemed utterly different? You probably clicked away in 1 second and never looked back.

User Experience Check:

  • Create clear and consistent messaging through your marketing channels and website

  • Perform a digital declutter of your website (especially your homepage) and make sure the content and imagery flows with your brand

3. Tell Me What to Do

Subscribe! Pop-Ups! Call! Contact! Learn More! Have you ever opened a website and felt blasted by some of these? It’s overwhelming and annoying. I recommend you choose one or two calls to action for your website.

Think about what’s your ideal lead source.

Primary Lead: Call, Contact Form, Purchase

Secondary Lead: Subscribe, Blog, Free Download

For example, my primary lead on my website is booking a free discovery call. You’ll see buttons to “Book a Discovery Call” or “Let’s Chat” on my homepage and throughout my entire website.

CL Content Marketing Ideal Leads

Primary Lead: Contact Form

Secondary Lead: Subscribe to Newsletter

My secondary lead is to subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll notice a subscribe box at the bottom of most pages. This way a user who isn’t quite ready to talk with me can stay in touch until she is ready.

Make it crystal clear what you want a user to do to become a lead for you, and you’ll start to see more leads coming in.

Follow These Rules and See Results

Once I implemented these rules on my website, I saw a 50% increase in leads. If you stop me in the street tomorrow and ask how many leads I have this month from my website - I can tell you!

Knowing this and feeling confident in my user flow has been incredible for my overall marketing and sales goals. I know what’s working and can focus on the next level.