Four Steps to Create a Purposeful Marketing Strategy

Have you ever seen a social media post that made you go “huh...that’s me!”

If the marketer or business owner who created that piece of content did their job, you should have seen their messaging and felt it resonated with you.

In this post, I want to help you understand what a purposeful marketing strategy is and how to create one for you next marketing campaign.

I also want to be clear that this article doesn’t specifically mean content marketing. I’m talking about your overall marketing strategy. This may include social media, blogging, direct mail, print advertising, or whatever else!

Why take the time to create a purposeful marketing strategy? I’ll be honest. The more clear your business goals are and the more willing you are to connect with your audience, the higher the return.

How to Create a Purposeful Marketing Strategy

These are the four steps to develop your businesses' purposeful marketing strategy. This isn’t really a one time process. Your strategy is ever evolving with your customers and what you offer to them. Think about it. What worked in 2010 might not be working now.

Step One -  Defined Goals

Having defined business goals is a critical foundation for developing a marketing strategy - especially a purposeful one! What are your top two to three business goals and how can your content serve those goals?

Don’t just post to post. Have a reason to post and a post flow. If your target audience were to stumble upon ANY piece of marketing, he or she should be able to find you and take action.

Step Two - Visualize Your Audience

Who is your ideal target customer? Don’t say “women” or “Millennials”! Think as specific as you possibly can. The more specific your ideal customer persona is the easier it is to create targeted marketing for them.

If you’re a 30-something-year-old professional woman juggling your family and career, and you’re served an ad that says “Are you a 30-something-year-old woman juggling your family and career? We can help you.” You click on that ad so fast!

Step Three - Be Authentic

What does it mean to be authentic? Well, truly be who you say you are in your marketing efforts. Don’t offer things you can’t guarantee. Don’t pretend to be a company you’re not.

Define who you are as a brand, and embody that throughout your marketing. Folks can sniff a fake a mile away (more than that, actually). Be who your customers need and serve them.

Step Four - Create Clear, Clever Marketing Messaging

Now that you have your goals, defined your ideal target customer, and promise to be authentic, it’s time to create your clever marketing messaging.

Define Your Messaging

  • what is your brand’s main message? What’s your elevator pitch?

  • what is your primary and secondary call-to-action?

  • what are key phrases or keywords you need to include in your messaging?

  • what is your unique value proposition?

Develop a Piece of Content Right Now!

Take out a piece of paper, or open a Word Doc. We’re going to use the four steps above to create a brief piece of content that serves your business.



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