10 Free Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business 

When you think of marketing, do you see dollars flash in front of your eyes? It’s completely understandable! Many small business owners worry if they want to see results from marketing that they have to dump a sizable amount of money out with the hopes of growing the business.

It doesn’t have to be that way! There are many free marketing strategies that you can take advantage of and grow your business. You might be wondering, “What’s the catch?” Here it is; these ideas don’t cost money, but they do cost your time!

We recommend choosing at least TWO of these ten free marketing ideas and incorporating them into your business marketing strategy starting next month. 

10 Free Marketing Ideas

1 — Create a Referral Program

Take advantage of your biggest and best business source - your happy customers! Create a referral program so that happy customers are rewarded for sending more business your way. You can keep the program as simple as you’d like. 

2 — Host a Webinar

Educate your potential customers by sharing tips and strategies related to what you offer through a free webinar. Think of your webinar as educating others so they see you as the expert and realize that you can help them!

3 — Post on Social Media 

Creating and publishing on social media is free! Have you heard the phrase “pay to play” for Facebook’s boosted posts? You don’t necessarily have to spend money on Facebook Boosted posts to see results. The key is consistently posting on social media and going LIVE. 

4 — Go LIVE on Facebook or Instagram

Facebook and Instagram reward profiles that go LIVE.  Going LIVE sends a notification to your followers that you’re going LIVE. What can you go LIVE and share with your fans? Share a product? 5 tips on something? 

5 — Blog

You saw this coming, right? Blogging is not dead. In fact, it’s free and THRIVING. Blogging helps improve your website’s SEO, educates your potential customers, and positions you as the industry expert. Write and publish one 500-word blog post once a month. 

6 — Sign up for HARO

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a resource for reporters to connect to sources on topics. All you have to do is sign up a source and watch for the daily email asking for help. One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the requests are time-sensitive. 

7 — Volunteer at Nonprofit Events 

Sign up to volunteer at a nonprofit or charity event and represent your brand. Bonus points if you can find a nonprofit event that’s relevant to your business. 

8 — Engage in Facebook Groups 

There are Facebook Groups for almost every topic! Join them and engage with the members and discussions. Group members want to help each other out. If there isn’t a group for your industry, consider creating one. 

9 — Post on Google My Business

There are 5.6 billion searches on Google every single day. What comes up if someone Googles your business? Claim and fill out your Google My Business Profile. Set a goal to publish a post once a week on your GMB profile for maximum exposure. 

10 — Partner with a Complementary Business 

What are complementary businesses that you can partner with for referrals, contests, and events? If you’re a wedding photographer, partner with florists and venues. If you’re a travel advisor, partner with wedding planners for honeymoon arrangements. Write down five businesses you can partner with and reach out! 

Small Business Marketing Strategy 

What’s the most important marketing idea you can implement for your business? This is a trick question because it truly depends on your business and dream customer. The best advice for marketing your small business is to start, think done is better than perfect, and to stay consistent. 

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