Create a Blog that Will Attract Your Dream Client (and Google)

How often do you read a blog post? Think back on the last time you were looking for a new recipe, help fixing something around your house, or general questions about a topic. You likely Googled your question and clicked on one of the first three results. Chances are high that one of those first three results was a blog post.

Blogs are an incredible tool to attract and nurture your dream client by providing valuable insight into something. Not only does blogging attract potential clients, but it also attracts search engines. 

Blogging for Your Small Business

Blogging is critical for your business online and offline! There are quite a few reasons why you should consistently blog. These are three important reasons why blogging is a must to include in your business marketing plan.

1. SEO

Google and other search engines are always looking for fresh, valuable content with certain keywords to rank in their search results. 

2. Resources

Provide value to your potential client before they even buy from you! Create articles based on frequently asked questions, or sharing tips related to your industry and this will naturally build your credibility and mastery. 

3. Connect to Your Dream Client 

Write blog posts directly to your dream client and start building your relationship with them before they click hire/buy. 

Crafting zesty blog content on a consistent basis will help your business improve online visibility in search engines, build your credibility, and connect to your dream client.

Blogging Best Practices

The toughest part about blogging is actually writing the blog! Here are blogging best practices to help you get the creative juices flowing and start producing valuable content. The best tip for blogging is to think of yourself as an industry expert and don’t stress about making sure each article is perfect. 

7 Blogging Tips:

  1. Create a consistent schedule

  2. Define your SEO keywords

  3. Bulk create topics

  4. Write 500-1000 words per post

  5. Proofread

  6. Include an image

  7. Promote through social media and email 

Of course, now you understand the importance of blogging for your business! The good news is that if blog writing is something you truly don’t feel comfortable doing there are plenty of options for you to outsource this job!