Pop In Your Dream Client’s Inbox through Email Marketing 

The average person checks their personal email 10x a day. Did you read that?! TEN TIMES A DAY you have an opportunity to say hi to your dream client. Don’t worry, you don’t need to email 10x a day, but if you start showing up in your client’s inbox once or twice a month, you will see incredible results. 

Email Marketing for the Small Business Owner

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have an amazing opportunity to connect with their dream clients by popping in their inbox. Something else to consider is that while building a social media following is important for your business you don’t technically own your followers. If that social media channel goes down, it’s all gone. Build an email list and you own those contacts! (You’d never share those emails with ANYONE, right?)

How to Grow an Email List

Are you convinced you need to grow your email list? The best way to authentically grow your email list is by creating a lead magnet and collect email addresses from your website!

Lead Magnet Ideas:

  • Worksheet

  • eBook

  • Guides

  • Download 

  • Video 

Create a lead magnet for your dream client that offers value. For example, create a worksheet that serves your audience and is a great resource! You want to create a lead magnet worth handing over an email address. 

What Should You Email?

Usually, the next question is what do you email your list as you’re helping it grow? You can send tips, resources, insights, and free downloads. You want to share juicy content in your emails so your subscribers will open it!

Then, drop nuggets with calls to action within your emails with offers to work with you. Send three tips to your subscribers on a topic related to your business and at the bottom have a button to book a consultation or purchase a product with you.