Free Marketing Downloads 

These free marketing resources were created with you in mind! Each one of these resources will help you get unstuck and moving forward in your marketing. Yes, I ask for your email address in return. I promise it’s good things!


Printable or Digital Content Marketing Calendar

Use this calendar to help create your content schedule!

SEO Guide.png

One-Page SEO Guide for Busy Business Owners

This PDF download has key SEO terms, SEO explanation, and three actionable SEO Tips!

We created this download with the help of a local cartoonist!

Idea Generator.png

Catchy Content Idea Generator Worksheet

You can print this worksheet and use a pen, or download and edit digitally.

Complete this worksheet and walk away with 5-10 content ideas!

Social Strategy.png

5-Step Social Media Strategy

Follow my 5-step process for creating a successful social media strategy!