Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Business

Love it or hate it, we all know lots of people use social media every single day. Maybe you use it personally or you dabble in posting for your business. Develop a social media strategy so that you share valuable content and attract your dream clients as fans. 

By building your social media following for your business, you start to develop a group of your dream clients. You then use social media to extend offers to lead your social media fans back to your website where they complete the action of purchasing from you! Feel like a pipedream? It’s not! And here are some tips and strategies for you to achieve this. 

Growing Your Business with Social Media 

The age-old question: Which social media channel should you use for your business? It depends on your audience and your business, of course. Facebook is the social media giant and Facebook Pages rank in search engines. 

Social Media Channels: 

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

Best practice is to choose one or two social media channels to completely master before signing up for more. Unfortunately, lots of business owners will set their business up on every single social media channel with the best intentions to post consistently but fall off the bandwagon. It’s really challenging posting for six channels! 

Small Business Social Media Strategy 

Leveraging the right social media channels and developing a strategy will help promote, inspire, and sell your business. Develop a content posting schedule based on your industry and dream clients. 

5-Step Social Media Strategy:

1. Define Your Goals 

Create content with purpose but first outline your business goals when building your social media strategy.

2. Audit and Research

Look back and audit your current social channels to see what was working or not. If you haven’t posted before, perform competitor research.

3. Create a Content Calendar

Use a digital or printed calendar to plot out your social media postings for an entire month with a goal of posting 3x a week.

4. Schedule and Monitor 

Bulk create and schedule your posts at least two weeks out. Don’t post and ghost! Look back at the posts and make sure to respond to any engagement.

5. Analyze the Results 

Look back at your first month of social posts and analyze the success of your social media. If you didn’t achieve your goals you can reassess!