Strategy Sessions for the Hungry Entrepreneur or Business Owner 

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who is looking for the how-to of how to implement marketing, or you just wish you could spend an hour with an expert to ask your biggest questions, then this is for you!

The strategy session is perfect for the entrepreneur or business owner who is in need of two things; 

  1. Guidance to move the needle of your marketing 

  2. Time with an expert on how you’re doing now

60-Minute Strategy Session - Book an Hour with an Expert 

Have specific needs or questions you want to bounce off an expert? This 60-minute meeting works well if you have a marketing plan and need feedback, or if you just have a couple of questions or ideas you want to talk through. 

marketing strategy session

Strategy Session Process:

  • Get it on the Calendar - Book your in-person or virtual session

  • Tell Me About Your Business -  After booking, you’ll receive a brief form in your inbox to help me know what you want to learn

  • I Preform Prep Work - By completing our prep work, we’re both ready to dig in and maximize your 60 minutes

  • We Meet - You walk away with your questions answered and steps to move forward

We’ll make sure to cover everything you need to either kick start your idea or review your current strategy. 

90-Minute Strategy Session - Develop Your Content Strategy 

You’ll walk away from this strategy session with your Content and Design Brand Guidelines and a written marketing strategy to move forward. 

What is our signature Content and Design Brand Guidelines? This one-page document is your go-to resource that defines your WHY and online brand. Save this somewhere handy to refer back to when creating any new marketing materials. See our example here. 


marketing strategy session hartland
  • Get it On the Calendar - Book your in-person or virtual 90-minute session 

  • Tell Me About Your Business - After you book, you’ll receive a Content Questionnaire sent to your inbox. Please fill this out 3 business days before we meet! The Content Questionnaire takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and is the basis for your content strategy and how we create your Content and Design Brand Guidelines.

  • Prep Work - I review your Content Questionnaire and prepare for our strategy. We’re both ready to dig in when we get together. 

  • Strategy Session - We work hard for 90-minutes working on your content marketing strategy and outlining your marketing blueprint. 

  • Content and Design Brand Guidelines - One week after our Strategy Session, you receive your one-page Content and Design Brand Guidelines. 

After our 90-minutes together, you feel ready and motivated to move forward. You will be able to implement your marketing strategy or pass it off to a team member.

We recommend starting with the 90-Minute Strategy Session and then choosing which implementation package you want to move forward. This helps us lay the foundation to kick off working together!