Interested in Working with CL Content Marketing? Here's the Process

Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of questions from potential clients and just interested parties on how the discovery and working together process looks like. I outlined it below for you to take a look at.

This is simply the general outline of what the process looks like and may look different for each client.

Interested in working together? Feel free to reach out!

Discovery Call or Meeting

We sit down together so I can learn more about your business and marketing needs

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and feel out if we might be a good fit

Please feel free to ask any questions


I create a proposal of packages based on our discovery call or meeting and send it to you

After you receive the proposal, you can ask any questions or tweaks

If revisions are needed, I go back and make those and resend the proposal

Kick Off

If we decide to work together, we set a date to kick things off

We work through a content strategy guide where we talk about goals, audience, etc.

Then we set a date for services to kick off

Working Together

After the kick off period, services are completed

The client receives a monthly report and their invoice the 1st of the following month

The report is used to review metrics and goal completion


Example Proposal

This is a very bare-bones example of a proposal to give you an idea.

Client ABC

Client ABC is a small business located in Delafield, WI.


  • Increase Facebook Fans by 5 likes a month

  • Increase website referral traffic from social media by 10%


Women, ages 30-50 who live in Delafield, WI


Strategic Facebook Posting to Grow Audience and Brand Awareness

Publish Blog Posts on Website

Facebook Ads to Promote Specific Products/Services

Package A:

3 Facebook Posts a week

1 Blog Post a month

30-day Facebook Ad (with $100 spend)

Investment = x

Package B:

3 Facebook Posts a week

1 Blog post a quarter

30-day Facebook Ad (with $50 spend)

Investment = y