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5 SEO Tips To Help You Book More Clients with Claire Lauer

SEO is a trending hot topic! Photographers everywhere want to know how to capitalize on their SEO while spending time with their families and letting it work for them. Claire Lauer, the SEO expert and I dive deep into this hot topic. Claire brings immense value and knowledge to Today's Episode about capitalizing your SEO, and gives us five tips to navigate the trend.

Episode 265: 5 Steps to Skyrocket Your SEO

With Digital Marketing Specialist, Clare Lauer, as a guest in this
Make Your Break podcast, episode, Jai and Clare talk about her favourite - and simplest - SEO tips to optimise your photography website.

Episode 548: How to Write Blogs that Google Will Love – Claire Lauer

Claire Lauer of CL Content Marketing is here to dispel myths and provide strategies for writing blogs that will actually help with SEO! Listen in to episode 548 to hear how to set goals for your blogs, strategically use keywords, and appropriately use tagging to not only help Google find your site, but your ideal clients too!


Claire Lauer is a content entrepreneur, and educator focused on helping photographers find their dream clients on Google. She believes that photographers can find the right content partner to take that task off their plates so that they can focus on doing what they love – photographing! Her clients lovingly refer to her as “Content Claire” and know they can trust her to take good care of their marketing.

46. 7 Scariest Things as a New Mom with Claire

Mom life! Real talk. Erin brings on her friend, Claire, to talk all about the seven scariest things as a new mom.

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