Holiday Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

Can you believe we’re already into October? Before you can even say trick or treat, Thanksgiving will fly by and then it’s the Christmas and New Year extravaganza. Feeling stressed? 

Busy business owners; breathe a sigh of relief and know that it’s only October. You have plenty of time to create and implement a holiday marketing campaign (or two!). 

Think beyond holiday promotions and sales and create a marketing strategy that serves your brand, increases leads, and generally delights your audience. 

Learn 3 general holiday social media tips, 5 holiday marketing strategies, and the real meaning of Christmas. 

General Holiday Social Media Tips 

We offer up 3 of our best general holiday social media tips to help you think about what you want to post now rather than stress during November and December trying to think of what the heck you should post!

1) Schedule your core holiday posts 

Happy Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year 

2) Remember underrated holidays

Veterans Day (11/11)

National Philanthropy Day (11/15)

National Entrepreneur's Day (11/19)

Small Business Saturday (11/30)

3) Show off your business’s holiday spirit

Staff parties

Fun holiday decor 

Promote local holiday events 

5 Holiday Marketing Strategies for Busy Business Owners 

Each of these marketing strategies will work beautifully for your business! Take a look and see if any are the right fit for your business this holiday season. 

1. Tell a Story 

With a large chunk of revenue relying on holiday sales this strategy might seem jarring. Think of it this way, during the holiday season social media users will see BUY BUY BUY SALE SALE SALE as they scroll through their feeds. What would stand out? 

How can you tell the story of your product or service in a way that will sell to your ideal customer? Is it the perfect holiday gift? Will it lower stress?

2. Connect to a Cause

Find a cause, nonprofit, or local organization that’s aligned with your business. You don’t necessarily have to host a large fundraiser or give thousands of dollars. Your business can support a cause by sharing their upcoming events or fundraisers. Perhaps you are so inclined to help raise funds by collecting donations at your brick and mortar or through an online platform. 

Reach out to the cause now and ask how you can support them during the next few months and use your marketing platforms to rally your customers to help. 

3. Plan Giveaways or Contests 

Plan out and prepare a fun holiday giveaway now for maximum exposure. Your holiday giveaway can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be! You could simply host an online giveaway by encouraging Facebook fans to LIKE a post with a random drawing. Or, you can encourage clients to stop in your office or store to enter by donating to a cause or signing in on a sheet. Bonus, if the client stops in to chat or reconnect with you!

4. Thoughtful Incentives or Sales 

Even though the holiday season is such a magical time for many, your customers may feel stressed or overwhelmed during this time. How can you make their life easier? Can you offer a sale on the perfect holiday gift? Could you offer an extra incentive for them if they shop with you? 

5. Thank Your Customers 

If you were in business during the past year, you have customers to thank! Brainstorm a fun and surprising way you can thank your customers this year. This could be a gift, holiday card, or a donation to a cause in their honor (refer back to strategy 2). From a human standpoint, it’s wonderful to be thanked. From a marketing standpoint, your name is in front of them. 

Retail/eCommerce: Email your entire past customer database sharing that you’ve made a donation in their honor

Services: Send your clients a thank you gift or holiday card. 

The Real Meaning of Christmas for the Busy Business Owner 

Don’t let the holidays create stress and use what you learned here to prepare for the holiday season. With these general social media tips and five fantastic marketing strategies, you have a great start to your holiday marketing this year. 

The real meaning of Christmas for busy business owners is to know that you had a great year in business, you learned a lot, and it’s time to thank those who helped you get where you are today.

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