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"I don't know what I'd do without Claire! She's an amazing writer and person. She helps me keep my busy photography studio blog up to date. Her down-to-earth writing style and kind but direct communication style are exactly what I need to stay organized. ❤️" - Reflections Photography

The SEO Burst Mode Package

Our proven framework has helped photographers across the country improve their SEO and get more leads from Google! After the initial onboarding process, we’ll implement monthly SEO services for your business.

The SEO Exposure Boost

This one-time process creates a comprehensive strategy, so you know exactly where you business is now and how to get to the first page of Google.

Local SEO and Content Strategy that Results in CLIENTS

Let’s face it….there are SO many photographers out there. 

But the truth is…

Your clients are actively looking for YOU!

There are so many photographers they can choose from, but they want to work with you. They NEED to work with you! 


Because you are the perfect photographer to document the most important moments in their lives. You’ve worked hard to create a stress-free full-service experience that they’ll never forget and portrait artwork they get to treasure forever. 

I believe in what you do. 

Now, let’s help more clients find you with local SEO and content strategy!

1) Zoom Chat

Let's get to know each other during a Claire-ity Call! We'll hop on a call and get to know each other.

2) Choose Your Offer

Which offer feels aligned? We'll chat through the options on our call and you can decide which is right for you!

3) We Work Together

Yay! We get to work together. We'll complete the action items and deliverables for your offer.

4) Get Clients

Get excited because with your local SEO maximized, you'll get more clients from Google!

Get More Leads from Google without Lifting a Finger

Our local SEO and content marketing strategy follows a process that develops keyword-rich content that Google wants to show your potential clients.

Our signature package applies our proven SEO framework to your business. You will show up in search, and find more clients who are dying to work with you!

SEO-Focused Blogging

Google Business Profile Management

Reputation Management

Citations Management

Transparent Reporting and Communication

Why Did I Niche in Photography?

So, why niche to full-service photography? Looong story short, professional full-service photography changed my life for the better!

I've been through the full-service photography experience several times and have treasured portrait artwork in my home because of it.

I will shout from the rooftops how much I love what you do!! Heck, let me shout it at Google for you so you can find more clients and change more lives.

Happy Clients

"I highly recommend her for planning and creating content for your business. Definitely worth paying someone else to take care of this important part of your business marketing."

-Rachael Venema Photography

"Claire is not only very knowledgeable about all things marketing, her easy-going personality makes the experience of working with her engaging and fun! Highly recommend!"

-Julie Collins Photography

"Working with Claire has greatly helped me push my work and services into the world. Now my main marketing for my company is basically on auto-pilot and it's one less thing I have to put time into.

-Graham Images, Inc.

Join The Photographers Marketing Collective

This free online community offers a space for photographers to learn more about marketing their business.

Claire offers free trainings, tips, and accountability inside the group on a weekly basis.

Join us for the next SEO Challenge!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

"I don't know which keywords to use.

We spend hours researching which keywords to target for you!

"I don't understand SEO."

Totally okay! We're happy to explain every part of our process so that you understand and feel confident!

"I'd love to effortlessly get clients."

Stop stressing over every new marketing fad and trust the SEO content strategy that works for photographers!

We dream of a world where photographers can easily find clients.

Your dream clients are out there searching for you. Let us wrangle Google with proven SEO strategies to get your website to the first page of search results. This is photography marketing made EASY!

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