SEO Services for Photographers

Photography SEO That Actually Works!

Photography SEO isn't a "quick fix." This is a long-game strategy and takes consistency and time, but when it's working well, damn, the results are amazing!

ONE SEO Blog Post Resulted in 633 Clicks for the Client

SEO Blog Posts Results in LEADS

Four of the Top Ten Pages Are Blog Posts

Investing in SEO is Scary, But It Doesn't Have to Be!

Investing BIG into SEO is scary. I know it feels like a lot of money.

Think of it this way...

If we get your SEO rockin' and you book one additional client per month, you'll make your money back and more.

Our SEO package is designed to be transparent and effective. You'll never wonder what we're doing. Communication is very important to us.

The coolest part of SEO?? Once we publish your SEO blog posts, they are yours. Long after our 6-month partnership, they'll drive traffic to your website.

The SEO Burst Mode Package

Finally, honest and transparent SEO services for photographers. Our proven framework has helped photographers across the country improve their SEO and get more leads from Google!

After the initial onboarding process, we’ll implement monthly SEO services for your business.

You can add on additional services as well!

First: Onboarding and Optimizing

  • Keyword Research

  • Client Questionnaire

  • Interview 2-3 Clients

  • Read All Your Reviews

  • Optimize Internal Pages

  • Develop Custom Content Strategy

  • Create Content Calendar

  • 60-Minute Call to Review Your Strategy

Second: Monthly SEO Marketing Support

  • SEO Blog Management

  • Google Profile Optimization Management

  • Local Citations

  • Backlink Building

  • Quarterly Strategy and Review Meetings

  • On-Going Email Support

  • Monthly Data and Insights Report

6 Month Commitments of $6000

Month 1 is $2000

Months 2-6 are $800 per month

Below are screenshots taken from clients' Google Search Console.

This screenshot shows how many clicks are coming from Google.

The screenshot shows that start of our partnership to a few months later.

Results may vary.

Below are screenshots from clients' Universal Google Analytics accounts.

Acquisition shows where the traffic to the website is coming from across the web.

Both clients' top source of traffic is Google!

The screenshot shows stats after working together!

Results may vary.

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