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5 Questions to Ask Your (Potential) SEO Blog Writer

This blog aims to assure you that you are far from alone and to provide you with a few solid questions that you can ask the potential blog writer so that you feel confident in your investment.

The Difference Between a Session Blog and an SEO Blog

In today's blog, I share the difference between a session blog and an SEO blog to eliminate any confusion on the subject. Check it out!

The Top 5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

Here I share the top 5 books that I think every business owner should read. These are a mix of learning how to grow and manage your business to managing your mindset. Don’t consider yourself a reader? Don’t fret; many of these are available as audiobooks. I link to the Amazon page for each book if you’re interested in learning more, but I highly recommend checking out your local library or supporting a local book store.

Which Marketing Metrics Should You Track and How?

I’m going to break down which digital metrics are important to watch and will eventually lead to more sessions booked - yay! My goal is to keep this simple, yet actionable so stay with me!

5 Photography Marketing Strategies for 2022

Are you a photographer doing ALL the things!? You can implement these five strategies and reap the benefits of a marketing plan that works for you!

Top 5 SEO Questions from Photographers

SEO expert Claire Lauer answers her top 5 most asked SEO questions from photographers. Read the blog and see if your question is answered!

Why Blogging for Photographers is Still Crucial in 2021

Do photographers still need to blog? YES! Learn three reasons why blogging is till important for photographers in 2021 and beyond!

Why I Chose to Niche to Photographers

Curious why CL Content Marketing niched to serving photography clients? We share the full story on the blog and would love for you to read it!

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