Full-Service Content Marketing for Full-Service Photographers

Spend Less Time On Marketing and More Time Photographing

We’ll take care of your content marketing needs so you can focus on taking stellar care of your clients.

11+ years of experience

Serving clients across 11 states 

29 five-star reviews across Google and Facebook

Saving clients an average of 6+ hours a month 

Caring and Honest 1:1 Content Marketing Services for Photographers

Outsource your content marketing needs to a trusted marketer who truly cares about your success.

This is FULL-service, baby.

We’re not just bloggers.

And, it’s more than just generating copy.

Our team takes crucial content marketing tasks needs OFF your plate by creating a custom content marketing package to achieve your goals.

Get more leads and focus on taking care of your clients.

It all starts with a quick Zoom chat!

Happy Words from Happy Clients!

We LOVE Our Clients

"I am so happy I found Claire earlier this year (heard her on a podcast). I had wanted to start blogging and sending out an email newsletter for the longest time but never got around to it... I know a lot of potential clients would probably wonder how she would be able to write your blogs for you...to sound exactly like you?? Well she knows how to do it!! She keeps me on track to do 2 blogs and one email newsletter a month. I am thrilled to be working with her. Thank you for all your hard work, Claire, and keeping me on track!! I truly appreciate you and your talent!"

- Angie Rose Photography

Quit beating yourself up for not finishing your content marketing projects! Let us take care of it for you.

You became a photographer to document the most important moments in your clients’ lives…not to spend hours on your content marketing and wondering if it's even working!

Are these questions in your head? 

“What should I blog about?”

“How am I ranking in Google?”

“When’s the last time I sent an email to my VIPs??”

Get those questions outta your head and onto our task list!

We take care of your content marketing from start to finish. We’re not just writing blog posts for you… this is the WHOLE enchilada! We’ll develop the winning strategy, write the content, AND implement it for you.

You need to keep up with the every day of running your photography business. Let our team tame your content task list for you! 

Please the Google Gods AND Potential Clients

Our proven content marketing strategy uses a blend of Google keyword research, your business goals, and marketing messaging to craft blogs, email marketing, social captions, and more.

We write and implement your keyword-rich blog posts to improve your Google position and nurture leads with thoughtful emails promoting your seasonal offerings.

In short, we take care of all the ideation, planning, writing, AND implementing for you!!!

Once we’re rockin’ and rollin’ you just have to wave your wand of approval.

No more wondering how your content is working… we’ll tell you each month with your custom report from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and DIIB. (If you’re reading this going WTF is Google Search Console, and WHO TF is DIIB?.... I got you.) Our reports are easy to read, understand, and are fully transparent!

Signature SEO Content Marketing Strategy Session

Just need a roadmap?

This is for you.

This comprehensive strategy session includes an audit and deep dive into your brand and rankings. We put together your roadmap with SEO content ideas, and blog topics all mapped out and ready for you to implement for improved visibility and tracking success.

What's Included?

  • 30-Minute Kick Off Call

  • Keyword Research

  • Client Questionnaire

  • Interview 2-3 Clients

  • Read All Your Reviews

  • Develop Custom Content Strategy

  • Create Content Calendar

  • 60-Minute (Recorded) Call to Deliver Your Strategy

  • PDF of Your Action Items and To-Dos

    2-3 week turnaround

$1500 one-time investment in two payments of $750.

Done-For-You Content Marketing Packages

We offer a comprehensive content marketing package encompassing SEO strategy, content creation, and implementation, all tailored to your brand's voice.

Our customizable packages are designed to meet your specific business requirements, starting at a monthly investment of $850 with a six-month commitment. Additionally, there's an option to continue services beyond six months with a personalized quote aligned to your future goals.

What Services Could Be Included?

  • SEO Blog Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Monthly Reports

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Sequence Management

  • Quiz Creation

  • Google Profile Management

  • and more!

Investments range from $850-$1500 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this different than blogging sessions?

A: Blogging your sessions is great, but what I do is quite different. The blogs I create for you are optimized for Google to find and rank them! During the kick-off process, I get some information from you and perform Google keyword research to develop a blog content calendar that will serve up blogs to your dream client AND Google while showing off your beautiful work! Instead of, “Baby Lauer’s Newborn Session” the topic would be “How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session | Baby Lauer.” Both of these blogs would feature your beautiful newborn photography.

Q: How do you write like me?

A: It’s all about building the relationship with each other so that I feel confident that I can write in your brand voice. I truly care about my clients’ success and love getting to know them over the months (and years!).

Q: How do you know what to write?

A: I take all the information you’ve provided me about your service, dream clients, brand voice, and so much more to “put your brain in my brain” before I even start writing. Depending on the topic, I may need to perform some online research. Then I write the entire piece! After it’s written and edited, I send it to you for final approval before uploading to the website.

Q: What are your preferred platforms?

My preferred website platforms are WordPress and Squarespace. My preferred email marketing platforms are Sprout Studio, MailChimp, and Flodesk. I collaborate with my clients in Google Docs.

Current Clients

We are honored to serve photography clients across the USA and Canada! See the map to the right with where we have clients now.

Types of Photographers -

  • Newborn & Family Photographers
  • Senior Photographer
  • Pet Photographer
  • Brand Photographers

Our Full-Service Photography Clients get MORE time back in their business schedule

and MORE leads! 

SHOW ME THE MONEY… I mean results!* 

*Results vary depending on so many dang factors. I wish I could guarantee a certain result, but with the Google Gods lording over us, I just can’t. 

I can guarantee the following - 

  • HOURS back in your week

  • Less worrying about your marketing

  • Transparent and caring marketing team who has your back

  • Increased website traffic 

  • The feeling of a warm hug whenever I email you LOL JK

    Okay, here are a few real client results!

Below are screenshots taken from clients' Google Search Console.

This screenshot shows how many clicks are coming from Google.

The screenshot shows that start of our partnership to a few months later.

Results may vary.

Below are screenshots from clients' Universal Google Analytics accounts.

Acquisition shows where the traffic to the website is coming from across the web.

Both clients' top source of traffic is Google!

The screenshot shows stats after working together!

Results may vary.

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